Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid




This is my bathroom. This is my bathroom on drugs. Not really. This is my bathroom with a little plumbing issue. Pretty, huh. Yeah right! This is our powder room right off from the garage. We have had a little leak with the sink for a while so he just turned the water off so nobody could use the sink. Last night after I showered Darrell came downstairs to find this bathroom floor soaked with water. Oh no, a plumbing leak at 11 o'clock at night. Whaat next? Anyway he was just bumfuzzled as to where this was leaking. Keep in mind we have had torrential rain all day, and I kept saying this sink backs up when it rains. No, No, that can't be it. Well, long story short, that was it.

We have a new house with a new septic system, a system that was approved by the health department, passed all inspections, and is enough of a system for probably 3 houses, but the crazy thing is they base it on the bedrooms and not how many bathrooms you have; soimething about that shows how many people are living in your house. Makes no sense to me, but whatever, that is what we have. We have these little things called gray water beds, which in the beginning Darrell told the inspector he did not feel were enough for our house. Everything like sinks and dishwater, a dishwasher and I even think your washing machine runs into these. Forgive me if I am wrong. I don't have my plumbing license yet. Working on that though with the low rise jeans though. Back to the story, every time it rains we have a couple sinks back up. What happens is the gray water beds become saturated and cannot hold any more gray water and when that happens the water has to go somewhere, so instead of going into the gray water beds, it just backs up in the line until the line can hold no more and then into this nice little bathroom sink, which by the way is broken now, and the pipe in the wall, broken too. Nice. That means cutting a new hole in the wall and repairing it with drywall. Did I mention I hate drywall. It gets everywhere in your house. All over everything. No matter how much you cover and close doors, dust everywhere. I hate it I tell you, hate it.

Anyway last night at around 11 p.m. we were trying to figure this all out. After the problem was solved, I said just add it to the list of mishaps around here. But unfortunately all other little projects are put on hold until this is fixed, and I guess it has to be done today. Darn rain. I was wanting my little breakfast nook project finished but I guess we do need a little thing called water.

Moral of the story is, even though you think you have a new house and there are no issues, trust me when I tell you that is not correct. We have a master bath that is still not finished, painting to be finished, trim to be finished, electrical work that was paid for with hard earned money that the electrician skipped out on (we don't have any safety issues thus far unless you mean the lights going on and off on their own and other little bizarre electrical things that happen here like some lights in 1 room going way down and the room just adjacent staying completely bright, we don't have any issues, at least I hope not). We have our issues all the time. Shoulda bought an old house that way we would expect them.



  1. Shewww, tell me about it! We bought an older house, not too many problems, and we got it cheap enough to do some major adding on. Our contractor (our next door neighbor who has his own contracting construction company)hasn't been back since Dec. 2007. The siding is not finished, the trim is not finished, he just didn't finish the job.

  2. Hi! Found your blog from the blogfrog widget on my blog! This post reminded me of a post on my blog about bathroom issues!

    Check out our disaster!

    I am going to follow you. After all, we are sort of neighbors since I live in Tennessee! lol Have a great weekend!


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