Friday, October 2, 2009

Need an Old Trash Can

My love for things old runs through and through. I had seen another decorating blog and she had a "true" old galvanized small trash can for a diaper pail. Me, I had the ordinary run-of-the-mill plastic thing from Wal-Mart, which I hated. I so wanted an old can for Aidan's diaper pail. I searched Ebay frantically. No luck. I immediately asked Darrell if you could rust these new galvanized cans. He said "sure." Did I hear him right? I was on a mission. I picked this new little can up at Tractor Supply I think for around 13 dollars. I am ashamed to say it has been sitting in my office for months now, but remember, I am a busy mom. This week I decided it was time to get busy with this thing.
The first step is to get yourself some muriatic acid. You can buy this at a hardware store, and it really does not take much. This stuff is pretty wicked stuff so be real careful with it, read all the directions and do this outside with no kids around, or just let your husband do it and hope he does not melt his fingers or toes off, which does burn if you get it on your toe, ask Darrel. Note to self, "wear shoes." No, I am serious, this stuff is bad stuff so be very, very careful and please read all the directions. He just sprayed it on and let it set a bit. This takes all the shiny coating off the can. After that we rinsed with a water hose, again outside. The next step is the vinegar and salt. I read that some people leave the vinegar on for a couple hours and then add the salt, but me, I am impatient so I just added the vinegar and loaded the salt down. The salt gives it that whitish coating that galvanized metal gets after years and years, and I do mean years of outside wear. The next step after putting all this gunk on is to just wait. I let mine set outside all day and then overnight. The next day while the sun was out a bit, and the can was dry, I sprayed it with a clear finish to protect my masterpiece I had created. I had noticed without spraying it with a clear protectant that the finish does tend to come off. The rust is still there, just not as heavy, and I wanted it to be heavy. Does it make sense that I want it to be old and not new. My mind is crazy about this stuff, all I tend to think about. Next on my list is getting rid of that new looking antique dining room table and replacing it with something time tested and falling apart, kind of like the table the can is sitting on, but that is another post.

And here you go, this morning Aidan gets a new diaper pail, all rusty, grubby and old, and maybe I will give the other diaper pail to Darrell and Gage for their diapers, LOL. Oh wait, I think that is a bottle they need.

I am real careful with all my old stuff. No loose paint or rust here. I always get this stuff off and cover with a protectant, I do know this stuff can be dangerous. I just wanted to add this before I get bombarded with comments about how dangerous these things can be, and believe me when I tell you I have already gotten rid of lots of stuff way before Aidan was born. I do put his safety 1st.

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  1. Do you have a tip on how to stop at the point of making it appear galvanized and not rusted? I've been dying to make some new things appear old! Thanks for the inspiration.


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