Friday, October 16, 2009

Crumcakes Creations and The Dusty Attic

Crumcakes Creations is not my business. This belongs to a friend of mine. I asked her nicely yesterday if I could showcase her business on my site, well before I knew this was what Kelly was posting about today. Anyway, Michelle is a very nice girl and does some awesome work. I have seen this work first hand and I usually comment always on what her girls are wearing, and always something she has created. She is a very talented lady with some great skills and great clothes. She is always very busy creating and coming up with new ideas. You can check her out at I am sure you will be very pleased. She can do just about anything you want, and if you don't see it their, email her and she can do it. And the best thing about Michelle's creations, they are cheaper than most I have seen on the Internet. I have been trying to get her to sell on Etsy for quite some time, so hopefully this will help her and give her the nudge she needs to move on over to etsy. I was going to post some pictures of her creations but just could not get them to copy, and I did have her permission.

Now me, as far as making anything, I love to, but unfortunately I just don't have the time. But I do know someone else who is a creator. Lately this person has been doing chalkboards since they are all the craze, and distressed benches, distressed cupboards, and unfortunately I have no pictures except for these very few as everything has sold already, and even things straight out of my house. You can click these pictures for more detail and make them larger, and if you live around the Morehead, Ky area, visit Old School House Antiques as some of these are in my shop, as long as I can keep them there.

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