Monday, October 12, 2009

Giveaway #2

I was just too busy to get this up this weekend. But here we go. In honor of my dad's B-day this is giveaway #2. I kind of hated giving away jewelry for his B-day but I just did not figure you guys would want camo pants or shotgun shells or even fishing lures. Well, some of you might, but I opted again for jewelery. Honestly, and I can be honest with ya, it is cheap to ship.

Anyway, here we go, this is a nice little silver bracelet with little settings all over the bracelet. The pictures do not do this bracelet justice. By the way, this is about a 20 dollar value.

Just leave me a comment and that is all you have to do. Easie peasie, lemon squeezie.

By the way, I am eating leftover calzone for breakfast. Is that weird? Not here. Yesterday I had cheeseball and crackers. We are kind of weird like that around here.

I will use random integer to draw again for this bracelet on Tuesday morning. All comments will be taken until 8 a.m EST.

By the way, you can always click on the pictures to see a bigger image.



  1. Hi Teresa1 I am so glad I was picked for the necklace! Thanks! This is beautiful too!

  2. Love the bracelet! Love the giveaway idea too!

  3. Beautiful!
    BTW, I've seen your blogfrog promotion on a couple different blogs!


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