Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Great Pumpkin House and Its 3000 Pumpkins




These are photos of a house in Kenova, Wv. This man, Ric Griffith, has been carving these pumpkins since around 1978, and usually with the help of volunteers he carves a little over 3000 pumpkins a year to put on this display. The pictures here do not do it justice. Seeing this is a remarkable site. Pumpkins are literally everywhere. We visited this in 2007 and were in awe. The pumpkin display is magnificent. They are all lit by clear Christmas bulbs. He even has a display in the back showing how they carve and preserve their pumpkins. There are pumpkins with every design and shape you can imagine. There are even pumpkins playing to the beat of music and according to what instrument is carved on them. People young and old flock to this old Victorian house, and believe me the house in and of itself is amazing. I just called the City of Kenova and Ric is again doing this amazing creation again this year, and we are going. I can't wait, and I will have my camera handy. I do have pictures of this but they are printed, and well, I am just too lazy to scan, as a matter of fact never bothered to install my printers scanning properties on my computer. Oh well.

And tomorrow, come back, somebody in my little family is having a major milestone tomorrow. I still cannot believe it. Meanwhile, get to carving, maybe you can catch up with Ric, Not!
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  1. WOW that is the most amazing Halloween display I've ever seen. Just beautiful! I love all things pumpkins so I would absolutely be in heaven.


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